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Earlier this year, I joined a Facebook group called Sunday at Six.  It’s comprised of a group of people from all over the country.

Every Sunday, we take a picture of whatever we are doing at 6:00 and post it on the Sunday at Six wall.

I have come to love the Sunday posts.  It’s a lovely snapshot of people’s lives.  People share some amazing things.  We’ve seen newborns, graduations, marriages, reunions, pets, kids, gorgeous scenery, good food and bad, projects, art, everything.  I look forward to seeing vacation pictures, or the different things people cook for dinner.  We’ve followed one friend as she figures out her job situation.

The group is supportive, and friendly, and warm.

I don’t ever have very exciting posts…often, we’re watching football while I work on one project or another; but, I try to share some snippet of my world.

Tonight, I am grateful for my Sunday friends.  I appreciate that they share a little piece of their weeks with me.