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This time of year has become the busiest time for insurance brokers, agents, and insurance companies, thanks to Healthcare Reform.  Many of our clients have their benefits renewals in the fourth quarter or on January 1st.
This time last year, through a combination of last minute changes in the law, carrier changes, and clients who could not/would not make up their minds, my boss and I were drowning.  We were also faced with the prospect of losing clients.  We didn’t know if our little business could survive.  I spent the holidays sick, thinking that I would have to find a new job.  There’s a reason I have stayed with Marcie…she is an amazing mentor, boss, partner, and friend.

We stuck it out, and worked really, really hard through the holidays, cramming right up to and through New Year’s.  Our company survived, and we have written new business.

This year, we were determined to work smarter, not harder.  I started our renewal marketing process much earlier, and we got lucky on several renewals…carriers were kind, issuing lower than normal increases.

As of four o’clock this afternoon, all of our December renewals are complete but one.  I sent the paperwork in to the carrier, and underwriting will get it Monday.  Our Januarys are all done but one.  We have open enrollment meetings set for December 2nd and 3rd, but the group is renewing with their current carriers.

This means that I can take all of next week off, and will likely take time around Christmas and New Year’s.

I am so grateful to work for a woman who believes in doing things our way and making our own rules.  I am grateful for the place that we are in, and that we are looking to continue to write new business.  I am grateful to work with a woman who trusts me to get my job down and rewards hard work.