Tonight was the end of season banquet for our freshman Wildcats.  As part of the booster club, I was there to help set up, take tickets, and clean up.  One of our member-at-large moms had done all of the planning, gathered all of the decorations, coordinated all of the food, got gifts for the coaches, ran the whole time, helping to serve food, clean up…it was a HUGE job.  My part was comparatively small.  I am so grateful to her for all of the work that she did to make the night a success. 

We’ll do it all again next Thursday, for the Junior Varsity, and then again for Varsity.

This post is a bit of a love letter to all of the parents who volunteer for booster clubs, who show up when others won’t, who listen to the grumbling of parents who have lots of opinions but can’t be bothered to lift a finger, who are told, “Sure your kid plays…you’re on the booster club!”  

For the record, that is patently NOT true.  I’ve been part of the boosters for a couple of years, and there was a stretch last year when Ben didn’t play a down on varsity.  He had to earn his spot.   There are several parents who spent countless hours doing things for the team.  They can count on one hand the number of times their kid played.

I have enjoyed my time as a booster.  Being a part of the support system for Ben and his teammates was incredibly rewarding.  There’s always drama…but, I have met and worked alongside some really wonderful people.

I believe that being the parent of a student athlete means that you are your kid’s biggest fan.  You do everything that you can to make their experience better…whether the team has a winning season or not.  I am fortunate to have worked alongside a group of parents who feel the same way that I do.  These people have stepped up, and sometimes stepped out of their comfort zones to get things done.

Tonight, I am grateful for my time as a booster and the experience that I have gained.  Thank you, my friends.  Together, we made good things happen.

What’s the line from “Grease”?  If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!