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It’s Election Day.  Dave and I headed to the elementary school in our neighborhood, to cast our votes on the only item on the ballot this year.  There is a vote for a budget override, to provide money to the schools.  It failed to pass during the last election, and the cuts made in our district were deep.

The check-in process was new.  In the past, you’d present an ID, and the poll worker would scroll down huge lists of names.  Now, it’s all digitized.  The scan your ID, and you sign on an electronic pad.

The ballots are the same.  You connect the two parts of a bar.  You then take the ballot to the front, and feed it into a scanner.  The votes are calculated automatically, and then you get a sticker.

Results are just starting to get posted online.

Tonight, I can watch as the numbers change, and I’m grateful for the freedom to walk into my polling station unmolested, to be able to vote for what I hold dear, and to be able to share this with my son.  Ben came with us tonight.  This time next year, he’ll be voting in his first Presidential election.

I took Isabel the first time she voted.  I probably won’t be able to take Ben, as he’ll be away at school.

I hope that they too are someday grateful for their freedom and their rights.