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 We finally opened our windows yesterday.  We’ve been hermetically sealed inside with the AC on since mid-May.

Halloween seems to signify the end of the long, miserable days and nights with breezes like a hot hair dryer.

We welcome the shorter days.  Believe it or not, all of that sunshine can be a bit much.

Tonight, rather than the hum of the air conditioner, I can hear a cricket somewhere out in the grass.  I can hear the occasional car on the main road a couple of streets over.  A neighbor just sneezed, and another said, “Bless you.”  Somewhere in the dark of nighty, we’ll wake to the yip of a coyote.  If the hunt is successful, the pack will take up and howl.  Closer to dawn, a train whistle will sound, and we’ll feel the rumble of the cars on the tracks.

Though there will be more periods of waking, the trade-off we get in cool, fresh air will be worth it.  Sleeping will come easier in between the moments we rise from dreams, waking to hear a restless bird in the sissoo tree.

I go to bed grateful for the break in the heat, for the wide open Arcadia door steps from my bed, for cool sheets and snoring dogs.