Wow.  Where does time go?  The days and months seem to go faster each year.  This year, I am grateful to have made it through the quagmire of the past couple of years.  Birthdays were always something to look forward to.  My mom always made sure that even if the presents themselves weren’t a big deal, we always knew that we were loved.

Two years ago, on my birthday, we were right at the start of Dave’s cancer fight, and the future was terribly frightening.  To go from having a husband who is never sick to having one you may actually lose tends to carve a few lines into your face and touches strands of hair with a silver paintbrush.  Thankfully, Dave is back to full health.  He’s got a brand new liver, and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Last year at this time, I was filled with worry over our daughter.  She’d decided to test the waters out in the world; but, not on the smartest path.  I was angry, scared for her, and finally faced with the fact that I do not have control over anyone but myself.  Quite a bitter pill for a control freak like me.  Thankfully, she’s figured some things out and is doing much better.

In fact, this is the first birthday in a while that finds me strangely at ease.  Dave is good, the kids are good, work is going well…it would be bad form to hold my breath and wait for the other shoe to drop.

Instead, Dave and the kids showered me with gifts…they are coming to terms with my Outlander obsession…Isabel made a cake and they are taking me out to dinner.  As Ben says, “There will be cake; but, there WILL be tiramisu, too!”

I am surrounded by my family…my heart, great friends, and it’s a beautiful, sunny day.  It’s a good day to have a birthday.