#Reverb14 prompt | September
Hail, hail, hail, rah, rah, rah!
September’s prompt:

Team | Whether you love football or hate it, we’ve all done hard time on the sidelines or on the field. What is your best game time memory?

Ah, football. In our house, football season is almost year round. Both of our kids started playing sports by the time they were five or so. Isabel was a terrific soccer player, and Ben started out playing flag football through the parks and rec system.

We moved Ben to a tackle football league when he was eight, and he played fall, winter and spring ball up until high school. Now, the school team starts summer conditioning right at the end of the school year and goes through the summer. Unable to resist, I joined the school’s football booster club as a member of the board.

So much of our lives has been wrapped up into football. Good friends have been made by both the kids and the parents. Through it all, we’ve had some amazing experiences. Watching Ben grow physically, and mature emotionally has been quite the gift.

As the mother of a football player, it is a true dichotomy. The first time your son puts on pads and lines up for tackle drills, your heart is in your throat. When the sound of that first violent crash fills your ears, and you see your kid at the bottom of a pile of bodies, it takes every ounce of self control not to fly across the field, drag those monsters off your baby, wrap him in bubble wrap and never let him leave the house again.

Now, as your six foot one, two hundred and forty pound baby lines up on the line, you have to temper your yelling to, “TRUCK HIM, BEN!” You imagine getting your hair done for your Campbell’s Soup commercial.

One of the very best things that I love about football is that moment during a game, as Ben comes off the field after a play and heads to get some water. When Ben glances up to find Dave & I in the stands, I give him a thumbs up. He jerks his chin up to let me know he sees me, and goes back to the line. He doesn’t do it for anyone but me, and my heart swells every time.