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This year, we only have one kid going back to school. There is much about this that is bittersweet. I miss the days of both of our kids at home, both excited about the school year. I miss helping them find the perfect backpack, or just the right color notebooks.

This year, Isabel decided that school is not for her, and left college. She left home, too. It’s been traumatic, and as a mother, I worry about the choices that she is making. She is twenty, and over and over again, I get the “when I was twenty, I had ___” fill in the blank.

That’s all well and good, and I certainly pulled some stunts of my own at that age; but, this is MY KID.

I know that I am powerless to stop her; but, boy is it excruciating to watch.

Ben is just getting ready for his junior year. He’s anxious to get back to school and get going with classes. He gets bored sitting around, and though he’s had football conditioning and practice all summer, he has still got tired of sitting around.

We were at Target yesterday, where the photo was taken. All around us were parents with younger children. They each had long lists of back to school supplies required for their kids. Ben’s only needs were a couple of three ring notebooks, some paper, a package of mechanical pencils and some pens.

We’ll go tomorrow and get him some new shirts, some shots and a pair of shoes.

No more uniforms, no more boxes of crayons, no lunch boxes.

My wallet may be happy; but, I am suddenly a bit weepy.

This year, as in the past couple of years, I’m participating in Susannah Conway’s “The August Break.” It’s an opportunity to just be present, look around your world, take photos, and post them to your blog. There are no rules, other than to use this as an opportunity to recharge your batteries a bit.

If you’d like to participate, join in…there are some amazing friends out here, just waiting to meet you.