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Surprisingly, I can’t sleep. It’s almost 11:00 on Friday night, the end of a long, scary, emotional week. The dogs are stretched out alongside the bed, snoring. Both kids have watched their last YouTube videos and have faded off to sleep.

I’m hoping that Dave is asleep. If anyone deserves some rest, it’s that man.

When I got to the hospital this morning, he was awake, and had slept for a few hours, thanks to the morphine & mix of anti-nausea medications. He was several hours into the no liquids before surgery period, and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and agitated. The night nurse had given him mouth swabs. They look like little pink lollipops, but are sticks with a piece of foam on the end. You dip them into a little cup of water, and moisten your mouth with them. It’s not a lot of liquid; but, they provided some relief to the cottonmouth that was driving Dave a little nutty.

Dave’s abdomen was becoming warmer and there was definite pressure building up. He was experiencing a lot of discomfort; and as the hours passed, he was becoming more and more anxious.

Originally, we were told that they would take Dave down to pre-op at about 1:00 or 1:30. They actually showed up for him right as my mother arrived, at 11:30. While we were surprised, we were glad, as the sooner he went in, the sooner he’d be done.

We went with him, and Isabel met us in pre-op. It took quite a while before he actually went into surgery. To manage expectations, I asked the nurse how long they expected the surgery to least. She said that the OR was booked for two and a half hours. It was a long wait, sitting there. I was glad that Isabel and Mom were with me. Poor Dave was so uncomfortable that it was better if we just let him rest quietly. At one point, Dave needed a minute, so the three of us stepped out of the bay. As we were standing there, a little, short guy walked past in a Seattle Seahawks jersey. My mother waited until he walked pat us and whispered, “Boo! Go BRONCOS!” He made a flip remark, and Mom just mumbled something about the Seahawks getting the crap beat out of them. How about that? My mom starting shit in pre-op!

Dr. Koep came in, right out of another surgery. He needed a few minutes to recharge, and then was ready to go. We kissed Dave good-bye and checked in with the nurse in the waiting room. We figured that we’d be there for awhile, so the three of us made our way to the cafeteria for a late lunch.

After lunch, Mom started to get worn down. She went home and Isabel and I headed back to the waiting area. We rounded the corner to see Dr. Koep with the nurse.

She said, “There they are!”

Dr. Koep came over and said that they were all done. They’d been in there for less than an hour. We were thrilled. It took another hour or so to get him out of recovery and back to his room. Isabel and I got upstairs to his gurney parked in front of his room. He was able to walk in and get onto the bed.

Dr. Koep said that the infection was most likely caused from a perforated colon. Some bacteria might have leaked. He did say that Dave’s liver looks really good. He made two incisions over the original incision, and cleaned everything out.

When Dave got back to his room, he said that he already felt better…no pressure in the abdomen. Once he was settled, and he was allowed some ice chips, Isabel and I decided to leave. The idea was that he’d sleep better if he didn’t have us hovering. He was alert, and a bit chatty…much more himself.

I am sincerely hoping that when I get there tomorrow, he will feel significantly better.

The picture above is a little angel pin. It was my grandmother’s, bought as a reminder of Isabel as a baby. She had baby orangutan hair. It stood up all of the time. I needed a little bit of my grandmother.

I’m finally fading, so I’m going to call it a night.