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It’s just twilight on Christmas Eve. Isabel is at work, and Ben’s down in his room, probably watching YouTube videos. Earlier today, my parents came by to deliver presents, and to see Dave first-hand. We usually spend Christmas Eve with them, but we aren’t going anywhere right now.

On my dad’s suggestion, Ben and I ran to Cabela’s and got a reclining patio chair for Dave. He hasn’t been able to get comfortable on the couch, and can’t lay flat in bed. Once we got him snuggled in, made him some dinner, and got his next round of meds, I turned off the television, and dimmed all of the lights except those on the tree. Dave is finally dozing. The chair is big enough that he can stretch out, he’s flat, and his feet are up.

Santa can’t come until later anyway, so I’m going to let him sleep.

Though it doesn’t feel much like our traditional Christmas, I am just so glad to have Dave home. This has been a rough, scary year, capped by a very traumatic surgery. Dave is exhausted and emotional, and frankly…we all are.

I am so grateful to have this time to be with him. My partner, Marcie, took over enrollment duties for a couple of our biggest clients; and, with the help of my co-worker, Nicole, made sure that I didn’t have to do anything but concentrate on Dave and the kids. She also fired a client that has been one of the most high-maintenance, stress-inducing clients we’ve ever had. At a time when clients equal important revenue for our little company, I so admire her for this.

I am also grateful for every card, text, email, phone call, hand print and kind thought that has been extended to me throughout this journey. I am a very fortunate woman, in my friends and family. I can only hope to be deserving of the love that has been showered upon me and upon my family.

Tonight, I wish each of you a joyful holiday season, and a happy, healthy, prosperous new year.