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How will you disengage your auto-pilot in 2014?

It’s so easy, with kids, to run on auto-pilot. You run through the weekly routine of work, shuttling kids around, going to football games, grocery shopping, house-cleaning, laundry, meal planning and preparation. After awhile, you forget what spontaneity is.

Now that our kids are older, Dave and I are trying to step out of our comfort zones. Because we don’t have to be so “present” in their day to day lives, we can begin to rediscover ourselves as a couple and as individuals. Date nights have become a thing, again. How cool is it that we go to dinner and can talk non-stop? We really DO like each other!

My adventures with roller derby were a big step in my own growth. Even though I’m not skating, I am more confident and willing to try other new things…especially when those things won’t result in broken bones!

In late October, as we sat at Ben’s end-of-season football banquet, they announced positions opening up for the booster club board. Every season, Dave and I swear that we are going to sit back and let other parents run with things. Every season, we find ourselves volunteering. This time, I put my name in for consideration. To my surprise, I was actually voted in. Crap.

Few people believe me, but I am actually quite shy. I can speak in front of groups if required; but, it’s hard for me to talk to folks face to face. To be part of the board, there will be many opportunities for me to challenge myself and step out of my own head. It’s a two year commitment…just enough time to get Ben through junior and senior years.

I’m going to keep participating in The Sketchbook Project. That gives me a deadline to work with, and challenges me to keep drawing.

My…our…biggest focus this next year will be to concentrate on our health. We’ve had quite enough of this cancer bullshit, thank you. There are a lot of things we want to do in this life. We want to be around long enough to do them.

By the way, am I the only one, who, when this prompt appeared, thought of this:




I’m participating in Kat McNally’s REVERB13. Won’t you join us as we take time in December to slow down and look inside? Click the image above to go to her site, I Saw You Dancing