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My friend, B, or GëëkinHard, is a friend made through Reverb10. In 2011, when the original Reverb creators pulled the plug at the eleventh hour, B set up and launched a replacement, keeping the spirit alive and providing a way for folks to reflect upon the year just passed. This year, as others have taken up the Reverb mantle so well, a casual remark caught a spark; and, within twenty-four hours, #DEverb was not only created, but launched.

With no disrespect to the Reverberators (and I’m participating in that, too) DEverb is for our inner snark. It’s the chance to say how we really feel this time of the year. Sometimes, end of the year reflections aren’t as pretty or as ready for prime time as we would like them to be. The language might be raw, the sentiments might be ugly; but, you can bet that they’ll be just as truthful and cathartic as anything you’d find under the Reverb tree.

So, without further ado:

1. Facebook, or as we call it in our house – Fessebook:
How many “friends” do you have on FB?
How many would you have if you actually had to hang out and interact with them regularly?
Who would be the first to go, and why?

Facebook is an ever-changing beast. I go through phases where I unfriend folks, or hide their timelines. Even with revisions, though, I was surprised to find that I have 232 friends on Facebook.

It’s a mixed bag, too. A good number are actually family members…both mine and Dave’s. Past coworkers, classmates, a few clients, even a couple of old boyfriends are mixed in for good measure.

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people without actually keeping in touch. It’s the voyeur’s paradise. There are a couple of friends that are soon to be weeded out. I didn’t think that they ever looked at Facebook, because they NEVER post anything. Turns out they just troll everyone’s timelines. Creepy, dude.

I do use Facebook to keep extended family and friends updated on Dave’s situation; but, it’s also the best way I know to start a fight or get your feelings hurt.

When they aren’t limited to 140 characters, and they don’t have to actually face a person, it’s not only easy, but also irresistible to some folks to attack you for whatever political/religious/humorous post you’ve reposted. It’s even easier to wade into another’s status and dump all over comments left by people you’ve never met.

It has resulted in my unfriending people that I care about, simply because their other friends are assholes.

Oh. And, those people who go through and “Like” EVERY status update and EVERY comment in EVERY conversation, whether it concerns them or not?