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It’s been a heck of a month…heck of a year, come to think of it. It’s been harder this year to get my posts done for #30DaysOfThanks. Should be easier; but, I find myself up and down.

Today is a day when we’re supposed to give thanks for all that we have and, I am very grateful; but, I can’t help feeling like the sooner we get out of this awful year, the better.

The picture above is of me with my brothers and my cousins on Thanksgiving Day, 1977. Back then, we all lived within about a ten mile radius of my grandparents, and the whole family would get together. Today, only two of us cousins still live here in Phoenix. The rest are scattered around the world. One of the youngest, Fred, died several years ago. I miss being a kid, playing in my granfather’s Japanese garden. For dinner, we’d all be set at a long, low table, sitting on cushions, outside in the back yard. Tonight, we had a very low-key dinner with my parents. It was lovely, but sad without all of our family. I miss the support system that we used to have in place.

On Monday, Dave followed up with the liver specialist. Both Dr. Koepe and Dr. Kahn reviewed the octreotide scans over the weekend. They found an additional tumor in the other lobe of Dave’s liver, and the determined that the origination point is in the ileum, the connection between the large and small intestines. They are going to do surgery to remove the right lobe of the liver, the tumor in the left lobe, the gall bladder and the bit in the intestines.

They expect that Dave will be in the hospital for at least a week, and then out of work for four to six weeks.

As we drove home, we could see houses with Christmas lights on. Even though it’s the official start of the holiday season, it’s hard to get into the holiday spirit, with Dave’s surgery looming. We had hoped that it would be scheduled before the long weekend; but it looks like it will be at least Monday before we get any ideas on timing.

Tonight, I’m trying very hard to be thankful for all of the wonderful people and opportunities in my life. I’m trying, but truth to tell, it’s getting harder and harder to keep fear at bay.


I’m participating in #30DaysofThanks. If you’d like to join in, blog, Tweet or post a picture of something that you are thankful for each day in November. Be sure to use the hashtag, #30DaysofThanks