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Today, between enrollment meetings, we took our client to lunch. Her office is in the heart of downtown, right on the light rail line. We walked around the corner to a plaza where there are several restaurants, a bowling alley and the comedy club where Dave and I have seen a couple of shows. We ate on the patio, overlooking a busy street corner.

It was cloudy all day, but warm enough that I was still in open-toe shoes.

Well, I’m almost always in open-toe shoes, unless I’m wearing my Wonder Woman kicks; but, I digress.

As we rounded the corner, we came upon the sight above. The short part of the block was cordoned off and workers were assembling what will soon be an outdoor ice-skating rink.

In Phoenix.

The desert.

I was fascinated, and stood staring long enough that I had to jog to catch up with my group. I would have liked to have asked the assembly guys some questions, like, “How does it stay frozen?” and “Will they be renting out skates?” but, we had to get back for the next round of meetings.

Back when I was five years old, my cousin, Rachael, and I took ice-skating lessons at a rink that has since been converted to a craft store, a furniture store and finally a church. We wobbled along, holding onto the wall, and gradually got a bit more confident. Rachael loves to tease me about the Zamboni. It was behind a gate at the end of the rink, and there were always these horrible, rumbly-growly noises coming from behind the gate. I would work my way all the way around to the end of the rink, get to the edge of the gate and get scared by the loud rumbles from what was obviously a gigantic monster with an appetite for little blond tomboys, turn around and go allll the way back around the other direction.

I did eventually get to be a better skater…probably, helped fuel the hair-brained derby experiment.

Tonight, I’m grateful for things that bring a sense of wonder to an otherwise unimaginative day. I’m grateful for skating rinks that aren’t on frozen lakes, and living in a place where I can experience winter on my terms…in sandals, and open air restaurants.


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