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life preserver

Today, I’m grateful for the opportunities that I have through my job, to be able to help others.

While it’s not something that I grew up wanting to be, as an insurance broker, I am in a unique position to be able to help people during some of their darkest, most desperate times.

Today, I received an email from one of my clients.  She and her husband received some really awful news this week, and are struggling to figure out what they are going to do.  In the midst of this, it’s open enrollment time for both her employer and his.  They made the decision to join her insurance, and they need to have their ID numbers as soon as possible.  Any delay in enrollment would delay his care.

The enrollment meetings aren’t even being held until today, but I sent her the forms two days ago, had her fill them out and submitted them to the carrier, thinking that it would take almost a week to get them entered into the system.

Thankfully, the carrier processed the enrollment right away, and I was able to provide the ID numbers for her today.

It’s such a small thing, in the grand scheme of things, but she sent the nicest email, to thank me.  It’s nice to know that it was helpful to her.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be an advocate for others as they try to negotiate the healthcare system.


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