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Last year, I was introduced to The Sketchbook Project by a Facebook friend. It’s an ongoing art project based out of the Brooklyn Library. You place your order and soon, you receive a blank sketchbook. There are various themes that you can choose as your inspiration; but, you can also fill the book any way you wish. There is a due date and you return your completed sketchbook to New York. It becomes part of the permanent exhibit at the Brooklyn Library. This summer, my second sketchbook was part of a traveling tour that went across the country. I got notifications each time my book was viewed. If you pay a bit extra, your book can be scanned and viewed online.

With everything going on with Dave’s health, work, and the upcoming holidays, I hadn’t intended to fill a book this round; but, I am on the email list, and I kept getting notices that time was running out to order a book. It finally got the better of me. I ordered my sketchbook last week.

Today, The mail was waiting for me on the coffee table. There in the pile sat the package.

I have no set ideas yet for what I’m going to fill it with. I’ve toyed a bit with a more serious subject…maybe a visual representation of our journey this year and how cancer has touched our lives.

I suppose that today, I’m grateful for the opportunity to join in on a project with so many, many amazing artists. Seriously…if you want to get lost looking at some truly incredible work, visit the Sketchbook Project website, or their Tumblr site. I can spend hours going through books, marveling at the different styles and the talent in such small spaces.

I’m thankful for any artistic leanings that I’ve inherited from my great-grandmother, my grandfather, and whether she chooses to believe it or not, my mother.


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