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Last night, after a great night spent with some wonderful friends, I got home and had a hard time settling down.  I was messing around with my iPad much later than I should have been, and I’m paying the price today.

That being said, if I hadn’t been on Facebook late, I might have missed this great picture.  When I scrolled past it, I could not stop giggling.  It was posted by George Takei, from his “Oh myyy” page.  After I shared it, my cousin Lisa asked me to text a copy to her husband, Tom.

Tom and I grew up together.  We’re exactly five days apart in age, and our families lived right around the corner from each other.  We were in all of the same classes in elementary school, before my family moved to Denver.  We both love sports, and we are both weird trivia savants.  Our spouses refuse to play Trivial Pursuit with us any more, and just roll their eyes when we get started talking about movies.

Probably the one thing that we’ve always shared is our love of all things Star Wars.  Yes.  I am a Star Wars nerd.

I immediately texted a copy of the picture to Tom’s cell, knowing that he might not see it until this morning.

Sure enough, as I pulled into work, a response popped up.

There are few people who can make me laugh hard enough to make my face and my stomach hurt.  My cousins among those few.

Tom and his family moved to South Dakota just over a year ago, and I miss them every day.

Today, I’m thankful for my family, and especially for my cousins.  I hate that we’re spread so far apart; but, I smile any time I think of them.


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