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Some weeks, it seems like Friday just can’t get here quickly enough.

The fourth quarter of any year is busy, but 2013 is proving to be crazier than any other year since I started in insurance thirteen years ago. Thanks to Healthcare Reform, my peers and I are spending a significant part of every week answering questions about reform, trying to stay on top of the timelines as we come closer to 2014, working with groups that are renewing early to try to minimize impact on their businesses, and all the while, watching in dismay as politicians keep moving the goal posts.

For a long time after the original law was passed, everyone just shrugged and said, “Don’t panic. There’s lots of time.”

Then, it was, “No way the Supreme Court will uphold it.”

Next came my favorite.

“No WAY will Obama get re-elected! The Republicans will repeal the whole thing!”

Well, we’re now a month and change from the next big wave of changes. Everyone in my industry said we’d all be out of work. Meanwhile, though my job is changing, I do still have one and I am busier than ever.

One of the things that I have always liked best about working in insurance, aside from getting actually help people get claims paid or treatment that they need, is the fact that every day is different. Even if all I am doing is sitting at my desk, the things that I work on vary day to day. There is never a day when I come home and say, “Ugh! I’m so bored!”

Most often, brokers like me act as teachers. The average person knows less about their health insurance coverage than they do their Netflix subscription. Time and time again, I find myself explaining how insurance works. Over and over again, I have to make people understand that insurance is betting on whether or not you or your family will get sick.

I’ll tell you…I have been so grateful for the insurance available to us through Dave’s work. We maxed out deductibles in May. If we didn’t have coverage? We’d be bankrupt, and we still have a surgery tentatively scheduled for next month!

No matter what you think about the President, or what your politics are, it’s pretty hard to maintain that only some people should have access to decent healthcare…isn’t it?

This week was full of presentations, spreadsheets, claims research, and answering questions. Next week, it will be completely different; and, I’m ok with that.

Tonight, I’m grateful to have a job that I’m pretty good at, and for the mentor who has trusted me to be her co-pilot on this crazy ride! I’m grateful for insurance…for providing us with a decent living and for saving the life of the man I love.


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