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A couple of years ago, while Ben was playing club football, we became friends with the parents of a couple of Ben’s teammates. When you spend three evenings a week, and all day on Saturdays together, you get pretty close.

Over the past year or two, as our sons have moved into high school, we have made an effort to get together every other month, or at least once a quarter, to have dinner. We take over a section of any restaurant, with the boys at one end, and the adults at the other.

Tonight, we met at our favorite Chinese restaurant and sat outside on the patio. We covered a range of topics, from football to politics, parenting, jobs, you name it. We spend a lot of time laughing. We have a tradition, with the fortune cookies…we each read our fortunes aloud, adding, “in the bathroom” at the end. This always ends our evenings with hugs and laughs.

I am so thankful for these good people. In the bustle of our lives, with crazy schedules, family issues and all of the minutia that takes up our time, I’m so grateful to have friends like Mary Kaye & Steve, and Russ & Nikki. To be able to pick up conversations, check in on each other, and have a comfort level with them…it’s like shorthand.

I treasure them all.


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