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I jumped the gun today. Dave had his one month scans & check-ups today; and, at first blush, things were good. Dr. Haugland read the preliminary scans and said that the tumors on Dave’s liver appeared to have started to die off. He was going to send the records over to Dr. Kahn, the oncologist, after reviewing them in more detail. I talked to Dave after that first appointment and he was upbeat.

I promptly announced to the world that the tumors were dead and that we were good to go.


Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case.

Upon further review, the tumors HAVE died off some; but, the biggest one especially still poses some issues. Dr. Kahn referred Dave to a liver specialist who has lots of experience with this. The first thing that he wants to do is a different type of scan. Over the course of three days, they’ll inject Dave with dye in the morning and run a scan in the afternoon. This doctor wants to pinpoint the origins of the neuroendocrine tumors. Hopefully, they’re just in the liver, and not in any other organs.

Once they determine that, they can determine next steps. They may do surgery to remove them. They could do a procedure called Y-90, which is similar to what Dave had before, except that they insert radiation beads into the blood vessels feeding into the still active tumors. The least attractive option is chemotherapy. Dr. Kahn sees that as something held as a drastic option.

Or, the new doctor could decide to watch them for a bit, to see if they continue to die off.

A surgical option would see Dave out of work for three to four weeks…not fun, but something I’ve dealt with. Personally, I say cut those suckers out. Don’t worry about work. Dave’s followed all of the rules for leave and doesn’t take advantage of his coworker like the guy does to him!

Probably the best thing in all of this is that Dave is completely asymptomatic. He is experiencing none of the things expected with liver cancer.

Dr. Kahn and Dr. Haugland are optimistic, and we will be to. I’ll admit to both Dave and I being disappointed this evening, though.

But, the game is not finished. We have a fight ahead, but we’ll do what it takes. Isabel and Ben are both huge comforts and help to us. It’s pretty cool to have TWO kids able to drive.

As always, we really do appreciate all of the love and support from everyone. What a comfort you all are. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!