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Sometimes we get too caught up with life’s circumstances. Count the blessings you’ve had to be grateful for this year.

Grateful. Now, there is a word that i have become intimately acquainted with this year. This summer has been one of extreme highs and lows, something a worrier like me rides laughing on the way up and with my heart in my throat on the way down.

We often take for granted our health, and the routines of our lives. Suddenly, when that is threatened, we have to try to look outside of ourselves and recognize that there are many people around us willing to lend a hand.

It is always easier to help someone else…to say a kind word, send an email or letter, fix a meal, cover for someone while they’re out. It’s harder to be the one who needs help, and harder still to be the one who has to break down and ask.

How blessed are we, with the love and support that we have been blessed with this year?

From every corner of the globe, whether it was my mother, my family, my friends, or my boss and coworkers, we are surrounded by some of the most thoughtful, caring, and supportive people.

I would not have made it through the summer without them. Just having the ability to pick up the phone, send a letter or even send a tweet has been a saving grace. Dear friends have afforded me the opportunity to rant, to cry, and to celebrate.

The celebratory words from strangers when good news has been shared, and more importantly, the messages of support when fear threatened to strangle me, have some of the most important that I’ve ever been gifted with.

Not that I didn’t understand what grateful meant, but out of curiosity, I looked up “grateful” in the dictionary…if only to satisfy my inner word nerd.

I especially like 2b…comfort supplied, discomfort alleviated.

With such love pouring in from every corner, I am full to overflowing with gratitude.


My friends Kat & Meredith have provided a wonderful new opportunity for inspiration through August Moon. Won’t you join us?

What is August Moon?

Once in a blue moon, what would you wish for?

On 21 August 2013, we will be experiencing a “blue moon”. There are varying definitions of “blue moon”, but the one we’re working with is the third full moon of the season. Whether you’re a star gazer or not, full moons are undeniably powerful times. As we transition into the last quarter of the year, we are inviting you to join us in responding to a series of prompts designed to bring you closer to all you wanted 2013 to be. We reckon that now is the time to ask: the universe will hear you.