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I missed a day yesterday, due to time spent in the emergency room with my daughter. We were there for six hours and it was a long day.

She had to have a procedure done this morning, and we spent the morning back up at the women’s center.

We had intended to just veg on the couch this afternoon, watching movies & letting her zone out. We’d only been home about 1/2 an hour when several police cars parked in front of our house and were standing in our driveway. Ummm…

I went out front and saw that the whole street was full of police cars & a fire truck. I asked one of the officers & he said a guy had barricaded himself in one of the houses down the street. I told him we’d stay inside and out of the way.

Just as we got settled again, five cops in full riot gear walked through our yard with very big guns and a police dog. Izzy and I both went, “DAAAAAMN! This is SERIOUS!”

Pretty soon, an armored vehicle drove by, and a tactical van parked in front of the house next door. Men started putting on all sorts of protective gear. We could hear a lot of what was going on, because we could hear the radio in the tactical van.

Suddenly, one of the officers racked his weapon, and it became very real. A police helicopter was circling, they shut water & power off. They evacuated the sweet lady that lives in the house next door to all of this and put men on her roof.

At one point, an officer rang our bell and asked me to pull Isabel’s car into our driveway. I came around the corner of the garage to a whole group of officers standing in the sun in our yard. I offered to open our garage so that they could stand in the shade. They declined, and I felt bad for them. It was 110 today.

Eventually, the kid next door to us texted Izzy, saying that the guy came out. They perp-walked him ‘Cops’-style (no shirt) down the street. Apparently, he’d beaten the crap out of his ex-girlfriend. She’d gotten out, but he’d had guns and had been threatening to shoot…nobody knew if he’d shoot at officers or himself.

Crazy, crazy, crazy. My mom kept asking me on FB, where was I getting all of the info. I told her we could hear every step!

They escorted kids coming home from the high school down the street, but kept the grade school on lock-down until everything was gone. By the time Dave got home, the street looked like nothing had happened.

We felt like we’d turned into those ridiculous people you see on the news that say, “But, it’s such a quiet neighborhood. We never have stuff like that here!”

Oh, and my dad was subbing at the grade school right behind my parents’ house, and THEY were on lock-down this afternoon! Suspicious package.

How was YOUR day?


This year, as in the past couple of years, I’m participating in Susannah Conway’s “The August Break.” It’s an opportunity to just be present, look around your world, take photos, and post them to your blog. There are no rules, other than to use this as an opportunity to recharge your batteries a bit.

If you’d like to participate, join in…there are some amazing friends out here, just waiting to meet you.