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When I first started with my current company, there were two of us girls. K was only there two and a half days a week. There were six guys. It was nice, because in addition to guys being easier to work with (most days,) for all intents and purposes, I had my own bathroom. It stayed clean, there was no water all over the sink or the mirror, and the toilet paper rolls remained filled and on in the proper direction.

Things changed in February, when our little company sold off a part of the business to focus on something different. Four boys left and eight women were hired. Suddenly, there was a line for the bathroom, and not everyone is as tidy in the toidie.

I have found that there must be an epidemic or an allergic reaction to changing the toilet paper rolls. This morning, I went in and found this. We go through more toilet paper, soap & hand towels than you’d ever believe possible.

I suppose that I should be grateful. At least they left me with “a square to spare,” rather than leaving me to drip dry. All I could think was, “COME ON!”

Damned Candelabras!


This year, as in the past couple of years, I’m participating in Susannah Conway’s “The August Break.” It’s an opportunity to just be present, look around your world, take photos, and post them to your blog. There are no rules, other than to use this as an opportunity to recharge your batteries a bit.

If you’d like to participate, join in…there are some amazing friends out here, just waiting to meet you.