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Just a quick update tonight…

Dave had the lung/lymph node biopsy done yesterday. We were there on time, and from the time I was escorted to the waiting room to the time they brought me back, it took an hour and a half. We had some great nurses. I just want to say…doctors get a lot of glory and recognition; but, nurses…wow…thank goodness for nurses. Nurses explain things for patients bewildered by all of the things happening at once. Nurses treat clearly worried and frazzled spouses gently; and, nurses make really awful situations just a little bit better. Our nurses were wonderful, and it made me giggle because they all had names like circus elephants: Doogie, Jinky & Ruby. I took it as a sign that my ringmaster grandfather was with us, holding my hand and watching over Dave.

During the procedure, I tried to busy myself with months old issues of magazines, but couldn’t focus long enough to finish articles; so, I amused myself with random hospital weirdness…bendy straws in the cafeteria, toilet paper rolls installed incorrectly, firemen, etc. anything to ignore the television set on a bleating Kelly Ripa. Good GRIEF, that woman is a simpering idiot.

When they came to get me, Dave was still pretty out of it, so Dr. Bhugra gave me the preliminary results.


There were so many nurses bustling around, and Dave was chattering away incoherently, so I wasn’t able to really process it right away; but, I was so grateful.

Pretty soon, we were down to one nurse, who was as amused as I was by Dave’s drug-induced babbling. Every two minutes, he’d say, “My throat hurts a bit, and I have a little headache…but, I’m good!”

After a while, he’d start to say it, and only get through to, “My throat hurts…” And she’d prompt, “But, you’re…?”

He’d ask questions, and then promptly forget what I’d told him; or, he’d be mid-sentence, and his eyes would roll back in his head.

Don’t do drugs, kids!

Once they took X-rays of Dave’s chest and established that there were no perforations in his lungs, we were free to go.

Needless to say, the trip home was much less anxious than the trip to the hospital.

We had an easy dinner, and I’m not ashamed to say that I was sound asleep by 8:30. Worrying really is stupid; but, that’s the way that I’m wired.

Once again, a big thank you to all of our friends and family, near and far. What a wonderful life raft you all are for us.

Tonight, we go to bed grateful.