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Well, damn.

We just got home from the oncologist’s office, where we got the results of Dave’s PET scan.

I’m not sure exactly what to think at this moment.

I think Dave and I fully expected to be setting up surgery dates or making appointments for Dave to get chemo or radiation.

None of that came about.

Dr. Kahn came in and started talking about the results of the scan.

It seems that the PET scan did NOT show the tumors on Dave’s liver; but, according to Dr. Kahn, the type of cancer Dave has doesn’t show well in a PET scan. The tumors are carcinoids, of a very slow growing variety. The test did light up two lymph nodes in his chest, that could be indicative of cancer, or that could indicate something like Valley Fever.

Dr. Kahn tried to call a pulmonologist, because he wants to get a specialist to review the PET scan and also do a biopsy, just to rule out anything more serious. He couldn’t speak to the other doctor while we were there, but will follow up with us right away.

So, what does this mean?

Immediately, The pulmonologist will consult with Dr. Kahn, and Dave will have a biopsy on the lymph nodes next week. We will go back to Dr. Kahn on the 19th, for the results. If it’s an infection, they’ll treat him with antibiotics.

For now, Dr. Kahn feels that the tumors on Dave’s liver do not need to be cut out, lasered or blasted with drugs. There are several small ones, but they are not affecting the liver and not causing any of the symptoms associated with liver cancer.

Once the lymph node issue is addressed, Dave will follow up with Dr. Kahn every three months. If Dave experiences hot flashes, flushing, or excessive diarrhea, he’s to call the doctor right away. Otherwise, he can just get checked every three to twelve months.

Once again, we are cautiously optimistic. We “think” it’s good news.

We are still trying to process all of this, but we wanted to share this right away, to make sure as many people are updated as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers, love & support. You all have been such a blessing to us.