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Write about an experience you had that was so strange or incredible, it sounds like ti could be made up.


My second job after graduating from college was as a night auditor at the Hyatt in Scottsdale.  My shift would start at 10:00 in the evening and I’d clock out at 6:00 the following morning.

working the night shift of any job is a surreal experience.  You see all sorts of things, that you would never see during the day.  During my time as a night auditor, I saw people drunk enough to fall into fountains, escorts of all shapes and colors, even the aftermath of a murder that happened in the hotel parking lot.

Perhaps the one of the funniest incidents happened on my very first night on the job.

I’d only been there for about half an hour.  Part of the night audit team’s responsibility was to man the front desk.  I was out front, at the desk with my manager, Tim, as well as the evening manager, Jim.  It was a Saturday night, and the hotel was full.

The main entrance of the hotel was completely open to the warm spring air and we could see clear across to the other side of the lobby, where another wing of the hotel could be reached.

There was a steady stream of cars and taxis pulling up to the main entrance, and bellmen and valets were hopping.

Esteban, the “artist in residence,” was performing down in the Lobby Bar and flamenco music filled the desert air.

I was getting some instructions from Tim, when suddenly Jim walked up, spun me around by my shoulders and began steering me toward the door that lead into the front office.

“I need you to step back here for a few minutes.” he said.

As he pushed me through the door, I looked back over my shoulder.

Walking across the lobby, through all of the guests milling around, walked a tall man with light brown hair and a mustache.

He was completely naked, except for a room service napkin that he was holding in front of his crotch.

The startled look on my face, along with my giggling, “Oh, my God!” caused the evening clerks to look up from balancing their cash drawers.

“What’s the matter?” one asked.

“Some naked guy is out there, walking through the lobby!”

Suddenly, one of the bellmen ran in, grabbed one of the packaged guest robes kept for sale and hustled back around front.

A few minutes went by, all of us trying to guess why someone would be walking around in such a state, through a crowded hotel lobby.

It turned out that the guest had a habit of walking in his sleep.  He’d been sleeping in his room, and didn’t wake up until he was outside of his room, well down the hall.  He’d wandered a bit before he came across a room service tray and grabbed a napkin.

“Why didn’t he just call the desk from a house phone?” one of the clerks wondered.

“Why would you sleep naked if you’re a sleep walker?” was my question.

The gentleman was given a robe, compliments of the house, along with a new room key and an escort back to his room by one of the security guards.

Tim laughed and said, “Welcome to the Hyatt!”


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