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What is the longest thing you know by heart (for example, a prayer, speech, commercial jingle, etc.)?  Why did you learn it?

All day long, I’ve become increasingly dismayed as I’ve read other responses to this prompt.  People have shared their favorite poems, Shakespeare soliloquies, even the Lord’s Prayer.

I never had to stand up and recite anything from memory.  Even when I had to give speeches in my high school or college classes, I’d be allowed to use notes.

I do have one of those brains…my cousin, Tom, has one, too…the kind that remembers lines from movies, snippets from comedy routines, and all sorts of worthless information.  I’m a GREAT partner for Trivial Pursuit, though.

The one thing that has been dancing around in my head all day is one ridiculous song.  It’s not the longest thing that I know…I’m sure that there are plenty of worthwhile things in my head…I hope.  When Isabel was a baby, and Dave and I worked staggered work weeks, we only had one car.  This meant that if the one off that day would have to drive the other one to work and pick them up.

It was an hour’s drive one way, and that was a long time for Little Miss Isabel to sit, strapped in a car seat.  In order to soothe her, I’d point things out along the way, talk to her and sing one dumb song over and over.

It’s a Christmas song, but I’d sing it year ’round.  I cold sing it without thinking, and Isabel quickly learned to chime in at the correct prompts.

I’m grateful that YouTube hadn’t come to life yet.  Otherwise, there’d be plenty of videos taken from neighboring cars of a mother and her toddler, singing “Rudolf, the Red Nosed Reindeer” at the top of their lungs, winter and summer, windows down.


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