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Local Love: Supporting local business cultivates your community. Tell us about a local business you discovered this year. What makes them stand out from the crowd?

vogue bistro

We didn’t really discover Vogue Bistro this year.  We’ve been going once or twice a year since it opened in 2010.  Vogue is a little place that is a special treat for Dave & I.  We’ve been on our anniversaries, or when we just want to go to a place that isn’t a chain.

Chef Aurore de Beaudry, classically trained in France, prepares contemporary American food with a French flair.  That’s the description on the website.  For me, it’s an opportunity for Dave and I to have a “grown-up” meal…there’s not a chicken nugget in sight.

Our home is in the suburbs.  Everywhere you turn, there are chain restaurants and big box stores.

Vogue is nestled at the far corner of a strip mall, and they’ve carved out an elegant space with soft lighting, an outdoor fireplace on the patio, and small tables.  The food is elegantly prepared and presented.

Aside from the wonderful meals that we have each time we visit, the idea that we’re supporting a local business makes each visit worth every penny.


I’m participating in cultivate2012.  In the month of December, we are spending time    looking at the ways that we can cultivate a meaningful life and create a nourishing community.  Each day, prompts will be given, to guide this project.  Join us, won’t you?