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After a marathon of Christmas shopping yesterday, Dave, Ben and I decided to drop into our favorite pizza place for dinner.  Isabel works there, and we would chat with her as she’d pass our table.  Turns out it was a good place to end our day.

We’d only been seated for a few minutes when one of the managers sat down in our booth.  She said that the couple in the next booth was almost done with dinner, and as soon as they were finished, the man was going to propose to his girlfriend.  The manager was letting everyone in the restaurant in on it, so that we could all be in on the secret.

It wasn’t too much later that their server approached the booth from behind the woman, holding a slice of cake with a beautiful ring garnishing the top.  As soon as she came up next to the table, the man got out of the booth and got down on one knee.  Everyone in the restaurant held their breath as the woman began to cry and smiled all at once.  She said yes, and the whole place erupted in cheers.

Eventually, the couple left to begin the rest of their life together, and the new occupants of the booth were a couple with a little boy of two or three years old.

We’ve all experienced a little kid peeking over a booth at us, but this little kid was something else.  He quickly discovered that Ben is especially good at Peek-a-Boo and they had us laughing hysterically each time the kid would pop up looking for Ben.

While there isn’t anything inherently Christmas-y in the picture, it is still a nice little celebration of the joy of kids at Christmastime, and how we all can use some silliness right now.


This post is part of the #adventcalendar project.  Just like the advent calendars of our youth, for each day until Christmas, I will post random images as a countdown of sorts.  This was inspired by my friend D at www.emmatree.com.  Won’t you join us?