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bb stockings di stockings

We don’t have a chimney, so we had to create a “mantle” of sorts from shelves that run over the television set.  From it, our stockings are hung, waiting for Santa to fill them with the personal goodies and chocolate donuts that have become a tradition.

My mother made my stocking, with the little felt angels and the glittery stars, as well as the stockings for both Izzy & Ben.  I love them, because my mother made them, and because they are part of our traditions.

And, the chocolate donuts? When Isabel was about three or four, her daycare teacher asked each kid what Santa Claus was bringing them for Christmas.  Isabel said that Santa brings chocolate donuts.  Every year since then, “Mrs. Claus” gets a package of the little Gem donuts and wraps them up for the kids’ stockings.  I don’t have to plan a big breakfast on Christmas morning, because the kids have theirs while they open presents!


This post is part of the #adventcalendar project.  Just like the advent calendars of our youth, for each day until Christmas, I will post random images as a countdown of sorts.  This was inspired by my friend D at www.emmatree.com.  Won’t you join us?