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Healing: The Cultivate project is all about healing yourself. How have you healed yourself, your relationships, and/ or your community this year? How would you like to heal these aspects next year?

healing heart

I spent a lot of time healing this year.  There were physical wounds, as well as emotional ones.  The bruises, broken bones and incisions turned out to be easier to heal.  The emotional scars will last a bit longer.

I don’t treat friendships lightly.  I’ve always been one that has many acquaintances, but very few real, lasting friendships.  The friends that I have, I keep for a very long time.  My trust issues make it difficult to open up to people.  Because of that, I don’t always invest enough in people to build the friendships that have potential. It’s true, though, that when a friend hurts me, or is upset with me, my whole world tilts crazily askew.

Often, I may not even realize that I have offended someone until it is too late…and even then, I may never really know what it is that I have done.

This year, I spent a lot of time making myself sick, worrying over a situation that, in the end, was not about me at all.  I found myself removing myself from a  friendship, simply because I did not know what else to do.

Eventually, a time came when I could be a friend again.  I was needed, and there was no place for hurt feelings or hesitation.

In the end , the lesson that I had to learn…that I continue to learn, is that friendships are a work in progress.  You must fight for them, forgive in them, and ultimately, flourish in them.


I’m participating in cultivate2012.  In the month of December, we are spending time    looking at the ways that we can cultivate a meaningful life and create a nourishing community.  Each day, prompts will be given, to guide this project.  Join us, won’t you?