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End of November Glendale Glitters 049

This is the front of the Methodist church, where Dave and I were married.

Each year, when we go down to Glendale Glitters, we stop in.  At Christmastime, they open the church and have choirs singing or just allow the public to come in to look around.

It’s a beautiful church, with great big stained glass windows and strong wooden beams.  My mother was married to my father here, as were my aunts.  My little brother, and some of my cousins went to preschool on the grounds.

Twenty years ago, Dave and I said our vows and started our life together inside these doors.  When we visit with the kids, we have to tell them again about bouncing on the kneeling rail during the rehearsal, how I hesitated when the doors opened and I had to walk down the aisle.  How my step-dad thought that I was scared, when really I’d been told to pause for dramatic effect by the woman who was to open the doors.  How their dad dropped the candle down behind the altar when we were lighting the unity candle, and we got another fit of giggles.  How we each felt when we saw each other.

Though we don’t attend services there, it will always be our church, and it’s a place that’s become part of our Christmas traditions.


This post is part of the #adventcalendar project.  Just like the advent calendars of our youth, for each day until Christmas, I will post random images as a countdown of sorts.  This was inspired by my friend D at www.emmatree.com.  Won’t you join us?