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Path: Some times the best path chooses you. — Patrick Rhone What path chose you this year?


Perhaps it’s my short attention span; but, it’s not often that I can set out on a specific path and stick to it.  Too often, I’m at the mercy of the breeze, or distracted by a butterfly as it flutters away among the grasses.

I’m too easily led astray to set a course for a destination with predetermined stops along the way.

In all areas of my life, I’ve had to structure things so that even if there is a definite goal in mind, the framework is loose enough that it doesn’t matter how I get there…as long as I end up where I’m supposed to be a the end of the day.

The path of my life is littered with projects started in earnest and abandoned along the way.  Inspiration is fleeting, and once gone, I’m on to the next idea with little of the regret that would plague another more determined soul.

Even in my professional life, where timelines and effective dates are essential, my to do lists are merely a suggestion.  the woman who I work with recognized this long ago, and understands that I’ll get the results required.  She may not understand the roads and detours that I take along the way.

This past year saw a more dogged attempt to accomplish something, and saw me fall short of the goal.  It also saw a return to drawing.  I’ve been experimenting, entering a design contest and joining an art project alongside some friends, and I’ve done pieces for friends to use on their blogs.  I find that I enjoy the sudden lightening bursts that fuel a piece, and I’m more sorry now, when the strike has cooled.  I’ve shared more of my work online, and I’ve been grateful for the feedback, encouragement and support.

As I sit and reflect upon 2012, my life is very different from what I had pictured a year ago; but, in many ways, it’s much better.


I’m participating in cultivate2012.  In the month of December, we are spending time    looking at the ways that we can cultivate a meaningful life and create a nourishing community.  Each day, prompts will be given, to guide this project.  Join us, won’t you?