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One of the greatest gifts that I ever received from my mother was the notion that every birthday should be a celebration.  There should be a pause in the rush and bustle of our everyday lives to recognize just how special we are, and that we are important.

Birthdays are the slow dances in the kitchen, the thump of the dog’s tail and the warmth that spreads with the first sip of tea.  They are the glance up to a star-filled sky, the rumble of a distant train, sunflowers turning their faces to the sun, and the smell of a well-loved book.

Birthdays are the messages of love, the warm wishes and the idea that others cherish us for being a part of their lives.  They are a reflection of the miles that we have traveled, the songs that we have sung, the accomplishments, the attempts and the missteps along the way.

When we reach a milestone birthday, the temptation is to look forward and begin to fear that maybe we have less time in front of us than behind us.  Instead, we should rejoice in all of the bits and pieces that we have collected into the wonder that we have become.  With years come so many more ways for us to express ourselves and the potential to connect with so many more.

We become the gift.

Today, I am grateful to celebrate the birthday of a truly beautiful spirit…Happy Birthday, Mrs. Mediocrity…for you are anything but mediocre!

I’m participating in #30daysofThanks, inspired by my friend, Amanda, over at www.memydogsmylife.com. We are finding one thing each day in November to be grateful for. Join in! Just use the tag #30daysofThanks and blog or Tweet your daily item.