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This morning, Ben & I headed to the gym for time with our trainer, Jill.  We’ve been going for just about a year, and it’s a Sunday ritual to put some time in at the gym and then run by the little neighborhood bagel shop and get breakfast for everybody.

While Ben waits for the bagels, I’ll run next door to the coffee-shop-that-shall-not-be-named.

Having just come from the gym, I was looking pretty bedraggled, in my Beatles tee-shirt and my hair up in a scrappy pony tail.  My shirt caught the attention of the woman standing in front of me, and she struck up a conversation.  She told me about how she saw the Beatles during their first American tour, in Candlestick Park.  She described how they were flown into the stadium in a helicopter, and how the screaming was so loud that you almost couldn’t hear the music.

We talked the whole time we waited for our coffees and when Ben came in, she talked to him, too.  It was terrific.

This happens to me all of the time…in grocery stores, at gas stations, waiting for tables in restaurants.  Because we live on the border of a retirement community, there are many, many senior citizens.  Something about me indicates that I am approachable, and I can strike up conversations anywhere.  I love the varied stories that I get to hear.

What a gift I have inherited from my grandfather and my mother.  My grandfather would talk to anyone, anywhere.  I often smile to think what people must have thought after spending a few minutes talking to him in the grocery store.  He was such an entertaining, sweet man.  My mother is the same way…we can be sitting, waiting for a movie to start, and she’ll talk to the person next to her.

Today, I am grateful for random conversations with strangers.  They are small gifts that come at unexpected moments.

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