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Today, I’m grateful for many things.  I woke up early, expecting to do the normal Sunday routine…gym, grocery shopping, laundry and then time spent drawing.

When I woke up, though, I was full of nervous energy.  I started cleaning, and at the same time, issuing orders like a drill sergeant.  All hands needed to pitch in.  The idea is that we all make the mess, we all have to help sort it out.

In the middle of all of this, I was griping about the dingy, neutral, beige-y, Wendy’s Frosty brown paint on the walls.  Dave’s been saying for two years, “All you have to do is pick out a color…”  I snapped back that perhaps he could first fix the spot in the hall where Ben had fallen and knocked in the drywall.

Suddenly, we were at Home Depot, picking out paint and buying an electric paint roller, along with drywall clips and mud.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind.  You know how you have to tear everything apart in order to bring order to a room?  That was our house.  Add to that an over-zealous teen boy anxious to try out the paint roller and a big, unwilling-to-be-away-from-us-always-underfoot golden retriever and we were falling all over each other.

Before we could even open the paint cans, everything had to be dusted, curtains had to be washed and the shop vac made an overdue appearance.

One thing about life in Arizona…it’s dusty.

It took all afternoon, but we got the family room painted and everything put back together.

Rather than having to make a trip to the grocery store for dinner prep, Dave proposed dinner out, along with a couple of cocktails.

He knows that I am nervous about tomorrow.

I have taken a hot bath and have settled in for the night.  Fortunately, I am tired enough that I will sleep.

Tomorrow, my first task will be to send a few work emails.  Then, as soon as 8:00 hits, I’ll be on the phone.

Seems that my doctor’s office neglected to call for preauthorizations for the MRI or for the biopsy.  The radiologist’s office didn’t call me until 3:00 on Friday afternoon, an hour after my doctor’s office had closed.  They said that we’d need to reschedule.

Needless to say, I was livid.  I insisted that they hold my appointments and assured them that they would have the authorizations in place from my insurance company on Monday morning.  There is NO way that I’m waiting through a long holiday weekend to have the biopsy done.

Having watched my cousin spend these past two years fighting breast cancer, I’ll admit it…I’m nervous.  The likelihood that it will be no big deal is high; but, having been present when Lisa first go her diagnosis, I can imagine all sorts of scenarios.

Tonight, I’m grateful to be married to a man who can fix things around the house, who will suggest dinner out after a long day working, and who will be by my side tomorrow.

I am grateful for all of the well wishes from friends near and far.

I am grateful for the weariness of body that will quiet the restlessness in my head.

I’m participating in #30daysofThanks, inspired by my friend, Amanda, over at www.memydogsmylife.com. We are finding one thing each day in November to be grateful for. Join in! Just use the tag #30daysofThanks and blog or Tweet your daily item.

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