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As is mentioned in the subtitle of my blog, I am the mother of two teenagers.  Being a mother is something that always figured into my plans, but I don’t know that I ever thought past the general notion of motherhood.  To be the mother of teenagers, in all of their hormonal, eye-rolling, back-talking, wise-cracking glory somehow never occurred to me.

In actuality, motherhood is nothing, NOTHING like anything I ever could have imagined, and I’m glad.

One of the nicest surprises of motherhood comes when your kids get a bit older, and you begin to see the people that they are becoming.  You do your best when they are young, to try to mold them, to provide direction and a good foundation; but, there comes a point where they’re beyond your direct influence.

It’s gratifying to see what happens when they go out into the world and start to experience things on their own.  Then, when they come back to you, and you get to hear their impressions, it is amazing to see your influence reflected in their stories and their views…yet, they manage to forge their own paths.

My kids make me angrier than anyone else ever could.  They can push my buttons like nothing and nobody else.  They make me laugh, they make me think and they fill my heart with such pride and love that it takes my breath away.

I have good kids.  They are smart, funny, cute and a gigantic pain in the rear a lot of the time.  They are braver than I ever was, and though I would never tell them this, smarter.  I wouldn’t trade them for all of the gold in the world.

My mother has always said that it is an incredible thing, how the heart grows to hold the love for each child.  She’s right.  She’s also right about how there is light at the end of Puberty Pass.  Kids do return to something resembling humans, usually none the worse for wear.  I’m starting to see the payoff on the investment.

I am so grateful for Isabel and Ben.  I am grateful for the privilege of being their mother.

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