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Tonight, it was a little bit harder to settle down to write this post.  It’s not that I don’t have many, many things to be grateful for.  I do. I’ve just spent the day watching people who I care about struggle. 

Earlier today, my cousin posted a status update on Facebook, expressing her dismay at finding that her husband’s new insurance coverage…coverage that they’ve waited almost eleven months to get, doesn’t cover her daily cancer medication.  Self-funded plans can pick and choose what sorts of things they cover.

I work in the insurance industry, and Lisa did, too.  So, it’s not like we don’t know how to go about negotiating preauthorizations and getting exceptions; but, when you’re the one that is fighting cancer, you’ve just moved 1200 miles to a new city, and are trying to figure out doctors, schools, and the all new world you’ve landed in, the last thing that you have energy for is to fight an insurance company.

This evening, a cryptically disturbing tweet from a friend sparked much concern for his well-being.  He’s gone through some rough times and they are just getting rougher.  He’s been out of work, and is losing his home.  We don’t know where he’ll land or when we’ll get to hear from him next.  I’m sad, and I’m worried.  He’s a good man…extremely talented, and someone who someday will be a writer of note.  He IS already.  He just hasn’t been discovered by the right people. 

All of this, along with continuing stories of lives lost, towns swept away…it does make one feel very grateful, and ultimately, not a little selfish.

So, tonight, lighthearted posts about sunny days or a silly fortune cookie at dinner don’t seem to fit.  Tonight, I’m grateful to social media for being a place where a cry of frustration, a plea for help or the whisper of someone in pain can be heard and doesn’t go unnoticed.  There are people listening.

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