Letting go

Ben – Homecoming 2012

Tonight, Dave and I are on our own. Isabel is working, and we dropped Ben off for his first Homecoming dance.

I’ll admit to a tear or two.

The years go so very fast, and it is sometimes hard to accept that these kids are becoming their own people. For better or worse, we have to start letting go, and it is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do.



5 comments on “Letting go

  1. People tell me so often how the years fly by. And I always try to keep that in mind, and really appreciate this process of parenthood. I can’t imagine letting go – but I now that time will be here faster than I can even imagine.

  2. you can be so proud of him. what an incredible guy. my heart breaks for him because I remember all too what that time of life felt like and the letdowns and hurts. It sucks. Fortunately, it will get better – especially for awesome guys like him.

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