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I left the house this evening in plenty of time to pick Ben up from football practice. It’s about five miles away, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Tonight, however, there was significantly more traffic and we were sitting for long stretches without moving. As the minutes ticked by and I inched down the road, cars were being winnowed down to one lane. By the time I got to the intersection for the new freeway being built, all of the cars were forced to turn left…away from the school.

Phoenix is set up on a grid system, so there are usually alternate routes around traffic snarls. Tonight, however, the alternate route was clogged, thanks to a car/bicycle accident.

I finally got to the school, and Ben hopped in. We drove back in the opposite direction, as I could see that it wasn’t blocked off.

The lights at the big intersection were flashing red, and there were policemen directing traffic. It was our turn to stop, and as we waited, we could see the reason for the closed streets.

On its side in the middle of three lanes was a mangled motorcycle. Not too far away, a crumpled small pick-up.

Debris, bits of metal, as well as a shoe and the motorcyclist’s helmet littered the intersection. Photographs were being taken, as well as measurements.

Ben and I took it all in quietly.

Suddenly, an officer was motioning us through.

Though we were home in an instant, our thoughts were with the two lives changed, perhaps forever, on a hot August night.


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