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Glove Love


This afternoon, while on my way home from work, my cousin’s daughter called. Lisa’d had reconstructive surgery after a double mastectomy, a year of chemotherapy and painful spacers, about a month ago. She woke up from a nap to find that an incision had given way & the implant was visible. Her daughter was panicked and Lisa was tremendously upset. I immediately headed for her house to take her to the hospital.

It’s amazing what doesn’t constitute an emergency requiring swifter action. A doctor finally saw Lisa, and he looked exactly like Wil Wheaton. His comment? “Well, I’ve never seen anything like THAT before.” We spent five hours in the ER, waiting for a surgeon to call in. Lisa’s own doctor was on vacation. Once a surgeon was found, we were told they would need to transport Lisa to another hospital for surgery.

Waiting in one of the exam rooms, we amused ourselves as we always can. These glove dispensers were right over my head & I bumped into them more than twice. There is probably even a strand or two of my hair stuck along one edge.

When they finally got an ambulance to take Lisa to the other hospital, I walked out with them & dialed her husband…he had just flown into town for the weekend, from his new job. As we started talking, the ambulance gave a groan. I turned around, and sure enough…dead battery!

“Noooooo! ” I asked the driver if he’d left his lights on again. He didn’t find that nearly as amusing and ironic as Lisa and I did.

Back out of the ambulance and into the ER. Another rig came, gave our guys a jump, and they tried it again.


Lisa’s at the other hospital, waiting on the surgeon.

If you would, please send up a kind thought for her tonight?


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