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Sparkles for Sara

Another night, another ribbon, another surgery.  Screw cancer.

Tomorrow morning, one of our dear friends, Sara, undergoes surgery for ovarian cancer.  They’ll remove her ovaries and several small tumors.  She’ll continue with chemotherapy and will be closely monitored over the next several months.

How is it possible to care so much for someone who you haven’t even met?  How is it possible to worry about whether they are eating, or that they are getting enough rest or that they will have help after surgery?

Sara is someone who reached out to me after I had posted a particularly difficult blog post.  She sent me an email with part of her own heartbreaking story and there was an immediate connection.

We seem to be completely different in so many ways; but, we have forged a bond that I don’t have with many people.

The more that I get to know of her, the more I marvel at her intelligence, her humor, her compassion and her strength.  I know that she is feeling pretty low these days when it comes to her physical appearance; but, to me, she is simply lovely.

How lucky am I to have her as a friend?

Sara is one of those people who is able to reach beyond my natural inclination for shyness.  She asked…no…demanded my phone number and called me one afternoon not long ago.  Some days, our conversations range across Twitter, Facebook, emails and text messages.  Keeping up with Sara is a lot like trying to lasso a tornado.

I am the Dorothy to her Glinda.

Tonight, I wrote this post out in my sparkly pink notebook, using my sparkly pink pen.  Anytime I see something glittery & pink, I think of Sara.  Initially, I was going to type the whole post out in all caps…Sara is known to SHOUT IN TWEETS or in texts, and it makes me laugh to imagine her speaking that way.  Tomorrow, I’ll wear a teal shirt in recognition of ovarian cancer.

I look forward to the day when I can meet Sara in person.  When that day comes, batten down the hatches, boys!  The margaritas and the glitter will be showering us all.

If you have a moment tomorrow, please send up a prayer or an especially kind, glittery thought for Sara.