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This day came so much more quickly than I ever could have anticipated.

Ever since Isabel was a little girl, she’s talked about going with her grandmother to get a tattoo.  Years ago, my mother got a tattoo on a trip to Hawaii; and, Isabel had always been fascinated by it.  It’s a pretty plumeria, on the inside of her forearm.  Mom had always said that when Isabel was eighteen, she’d take Izzy to get a tattoo.  Isabel has never forgotten this.

In anticipation, Isabel asked a friend to come up with a dragon design for the tattoo.  She came home with the picture, and I will admit…I was concerned.  The drawing that her friend had done was A) very big and B) not…graceful.  It was cumbersome and the colors were muddy.

The whole idea of the tattoo made me uncomfortable.  I don’t have a problem with tattoos themselves.  I just was having a hard time letting go of the control over my little girl.  I had to face facts…she was legally able to go get her whole body covered in tattoos at this point.

Rather than make her feel that I wasn’t on board, I decided to get busy and come up with some ideas for her to consider.  After researching some ideas online, I worked out four different samples.  I’m happy to say that Isabel decided to go with one of the four that I drew for her.

Knowing that this was something that was special for my mother, I decided not to go along.  I didn’t want to be the squeamish mother, antagonizing her kid.  Isabel picked up her two friends and they took off for my mom’s house.

My mom asked that Isabel bring her prom dress along, so that my dad could take some pictures.  To see my hoodie & jeans wearing girl in a shoulder baring dress, I am just blown away.  My daughter has no idea how beautiful she really is.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  She’s a modest young woman, and I’m just fine with that.

My mom made lunch for the girls, and they dressed Isabel up in her dress and my grandmother’s bracelet.  They laughed and had a great time.  It’s the first time that my parents have seen Isabel with friends and they thoroughly enjoyed the girls.  My dad took a bunch of pictures.  I’ll take more on prom night; but, it’s nice to see her relaxed & smiling.

Once the photo shoot was over, Mom and the girls took off for the tattoo shop.

Mom had met with Amy before-hand, to talk about Isabel and get an idea of Amy’s work.  She felt really comfortable with Amy & felt that she’d do a great job.

I wasn’t sure how Isabel would do, but Mom said that though Izzy winced a few times, she never made a peep.

It took just about an hour and a half, but the finished product came out beautifully.

Though I can’t imagine actually getting a tattoo myself, it makes me feel good, knowing that my daughter chose my work, and will always have a bit of me with her.  I’d like to think that she’ll know I’ve always got her back.