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Day 9: Monday, March 26, 2012

  • Prompt A: Talk about the ways in which your body is awesome.

My body is a wonde…screw you, John Mayer.

This picture was taken last year, on my forty-third birthday.  I’ll take another one in May, to see how I’ve changed in a year.

My body.  Myyyyyy body.  Saying nice things about ourselves runs counter-intuitive to all the ways we find to cut ourselves down.  Being objective is something that we’re terrific at when it comes to others; but, we fail miserably when we have to look in the mirror.  I almost skipped this prompt, then decided that I had better use it as an exercise not only in writing, but also in taking care of myself.

1)  I have one of those heads of hair that refuses to cooperate with my vision what I should have.  It will never be long enough, thick enough, etc.  That being said, I am complimented all of the time on my hair…it’s big…80’s big.  I’m probably the last woman in America that still gets perms.  That’s because I have a lot of hair; but, it’s very fine.  Without a perm, it is flat, straight and blah.  So, yes.  It’s big.  We’re not talking “Welcome to the Country Music Awards” big…yet!  It’s closer to Charlie Brown’s little sister big.

2)  It took me a long time to accept that I didn’t have my mother’s brown eyes or my father’s blue ones.  I have hazel eyes…more accurately, I have eyes  with amber around the pupils.  That is surrounded by starbursts of gold and green.  The outer ring is a band of grayish blue.  My kids both have hazel eyes.  That goes a long way to making me happy with my own eye color.

3)  These days, I see more of my mother in my smile.  I was once told by a complete stranger that I have a sexy bottom lip, and my husband agrees.  It is emminently kissable.

4)  The rest of me is…a work in progress.  I’m working out with a trainer several times a week and I’m getting stronger.  My clothes fit differently and I am carrying myself with confidence.  With the goal of skating derby, I need all of that to be able to hold my own on the track; but, the benefits of a healthy body spill into all other aspects of my life.

I am participating in The Scintilla Project. 


1692, from fig. use of L. scintilla “particle of fire, spark, glittering speck, atom,” probably from PIE *ski-nto-, from base *skai- “to shine, to gleam” (cf. Goth. skeinan, O.E. scinan “to shine”).

For two weeks in March, the Scintilla community will be sharing stories and experiences sparked by prompts sent out each day.  Join us, won’t you?