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Hello, hello, hello!  Happy New Year!

I really dropped the ball with reverb last month, especially after I had been part of the outraged gang that worked so frantically to cobble together a replacement version.  With the holidays, a broken arm, family gatherings, a busy work schedule, etc., I just let go and barely stayed in touch with my online friends via Twitter.

One of the things that I do want to commit to this year is drawing.  I talked about that in my last post, and my desire to illustrate a children’s book.

I need to spend much more time drawing…like anything else, practice only makes one better.  My friend, Matt, has committed to producing a daily doodle this year.  He posts on his blog, here. I think that it’s an excellent idea, and we’ve toyed with the idea of getting a prompt each day & each drawing our own interpretation.  He’s up and running, but I’ve been dragging along behind.

Today, he found a great drawing challenge, found here.

Each prompt represents a different theme.  There should be one original representation for each theme, and it should be linked back to the prompt.

There is no time limit for the challenge, but the list provides some really interesting prompts.  I am intrigued.

It’s also being fed by a book that I’m currently reading, “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern.  I am mesmerized by this book, and my imagination is running wild.  My childhood was filled with circuses, and my grandfather was a ringmaster.  I have always loved the circus, with the mystery and the glamor.

I’m itching to start drawing, and so I am taking on this challenge.  I’m not going to commit to a specific timeframe, but the drawings will be posted here, along with links back to the challenge.  Perhaps you will find something interesting in my drawings or maybe you’ll decide to join in.

I’m also looking to join Meredith Shadwell in a project for 2012, called Manifestival2012.  There will be monthly prompts, and I’m going to incorporate some of my drawing into this project, as well.

With the ups and downs of life, I need some structure to keep me working, and I really like the motivation each of these projects inspire.