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Loathing – Who or what do you loathe and how have you expressed that in 2011?

I was a bit stymied by this prompt and have been puzzling over it since I first read it.  Loathe is such a strong word, and I’ve been trying hard this year to be more tolerant & accepting of those with differing opinions or beliefs.

Then, I looked at the stack of magazines sitting by my bed.  I have an Ulta card, and every time I’m in there, they ask me if I want two free issues of Glamour and Allure magazines.  On one occasion, I must have said that I did, and shortly thereafter, the magazines showed up in my mailbox.  Last week, the January issues arrived, each wrapped in clear plastic sleeves.  On the cover of Glamour was not one, not two, but three Kardashians.  The magazine has not come off of the wrapper.

Reality television had given rise to the celebration of the mediocre, and I resent the hell out of it.  I watched the first couple of seasons of MTV’s “The Real World”.  I was a lot younger, and the housemates were much closer to my age at the time.  As the years wore on, I matured and started a family.  Unfortunately, shows like “The Real World” stayed floating in the vapid pool they had spawned from.

I resolved that the only reality shows that I would pay any attention to would be those that showcased inventiveness, creativity or imagination.  I prefer shows that promote art or that have contestants compete to create something new.  The less they show of the bickering and backbiting, the better.  I refuse to watch shows that glorify people with no discernible talent other than making a sex tape, becoming an unwed teenager, overtanning, overspending and overacting.  I won’t watch a competition that requires the contestants to stand on a stump longer than the other players or to eat more disgusting bugs.

I absolutely loathe the idea that our celebrities are famous for no good reason.  Our fascination with the building up and tearing down every twenty-four hours is exhausting and I refuse to play along.

I realize that in this global media culture, a twenty-four hour news cycle requires a lot more material to fill the space; but, if the past year has taught me anything, there are a whole lot of smart, funny, inventive people in the world.  If we, as a culture, quite taking the path of least resistance for our entertainment, maybe the Kardashians and the Hiltons would fade away.  Maybe if we stopped rabidly devouring every sordid detail of a celebutant’s self-destruction (I’m looking at you, Lindsay Lohan) they could go about their lives in a healthier fashion.

I am so sick of the practice of building politicians up to be the Great Hope of Our Nation, and then the dissecting every detail of their personal lives.  I truly believe that the best candidate for President of the United States is someone who will never run for office.

The Glamour magazine is going into the recycle bin unwrapped.  I realize that my subscription means that I’ve already endorsed that particular issue in silence and that I’ve perpetuated the cycle; but, I can know that by leaving the plastic intact, I’m not lowering my own standards by ignoring them.

In the month of December, I am participating in reverb11.  It is a chance to look back and reflect upon the year just passed, and to look forward to 2012.  Each day, a prompt is issued, and the reverb11 community interprets the prompt in accordance with their own experience.  Join us, won’t you?