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I absolutely love this exercise.  “Waging a battle against embitterment”

I really need to resolve to do this at least once a week.

1)  My daughter’s blankie – Eighteen years ago, or so, my mother cross-stitched a beautiful cream-colored blanket with kittens and bunnies.  She edged it with soft ivory eyelet trim.  We took Isabel home from the hospital wrapped in it, and it’s never left her since.  If she’s watching TV, or curled up on her bed doing homework, the blankie can be found tucked next to her.  Today, I put the blankie in the wash, and when I pulled it from the dryer, I marveled at its softness.  There are holes and the eyelet is a bit ragged from Isabel rolling it between her fingers absent-mindedly.  All that’s left of the kitties and bunnies are a few fur colored knots.  Knowing how much love went into making the blanket, and how much Isabel has loved it her whole life, my heart swelled as I held it.  Thanks, Mom!

2)  Rainy Sundays – It wasn’t pouring or anything, and we didn’t get anywhere near the amount originally predicted; but, the day was just gray enough and cool enough that we could hunker down in our jammies, watch “Vacation” and football, and write the afternoon away.

3)  Cousins – Last night, I got to hang out with my cousins, Lisa and Rachael.  Rach is here for the holidays from Australia, and it’s been too long since we were together.  Dammit, these two make me laugh!  We went to a roller derby bout, decked in our “derby” names.  Lisa – ACDC (After Cancer Derby Chick) Rachael – Bush Whacker, and me – Barbie Que.  After the bout, we went to a local pub and talked a mile a minute, laughed at the terrible bar cames being played with the DJ, and relished every moment.