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This really belongs over on my Derby Dreams blog, but I was pretty excited about something and wanted to includ it in my 30 Days of Thanks.

On Sunday morning, Ben and I headed to the gym for our 8:00 training session.  When I first started this process several months back, I was woefully out of shape.  In my head, I can do a lot more than my body will actually allow.

Typically, we work a circuit that is focused on different areas of the body, and we rotate the circuits to give our bodies time to rest.  Sunday’s circuit was “Arms, Shoulders and Back.”

The actual exercises that we do vary each time, part of the appeal of working with a trainer.  Usually, though, we do some sort of push-up.  Now, Ben can do push-ups all day long.  He can do push-ups on a ball, on a Bosu ball, with his feet up off of the ground, etc.  When I started, I could only do “old lady push-ups.”  You know…your knees are on the ground, and you’re not pushing as much weight.

On Sunday, we were part way through the circuit, and Jill had me do push-ups on an inverted Bosu ball.  It requires balance, control and strength.  Without even thinking, I did “regular” push-ups!  I kept my body straight, and didn’t put my knees down once.

This may not be a big deal to most people; but, to me, it represents a significant milestone.  My body is getting stronger and I can see differences.

When I finished the set, I got up beaming.  Ben gave me a big high-five and we moved on to the next exercise.  I could probably have done regular push-ups eventually; but, having the means to work with a trainer is something that I am grateful for.  I would never have gotten as far along, nor would I be seriously getting ready to try out for roller derby as soon as I am!

I’m participating in #30daysofThanks, inspired by my friend, Amanda, over at www.memydogsmylife.com.  We are finding one thing each day in November to be grateful for.  Join in!  Just use the tag #30daysofThanks and blog or Tweet your daily item.

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