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Tonight, Dave, Ben and I went to a roller derby bout for the Desert Dolls Roller Derby league.

Aside from the thrill of seeing a different type of derby bout (flat track vs. banked track,) it was nice to spend time with my boys.  We spend a lot of time together, with football practices, shuttling Ben back and forth to his school, and working out with our trainer.

To have time where we were doing something just for fun was a nice change.  We stopped for dinner first, and talked about Ben’s game earlier in the day.  His team won their first playoff game.  When we got to the sports club, the site of the bout, we had to wait in line to buy tickets.  As we were waiting, a man came up & handed us tickets.  We found seats right along the glass, and settled in.

Ben & Dave have never seen a bout, so they asked a lot of questions.  Flat track league is actually much rougher than banked track derby.  It was on par with a vicious game of hockey.  There’s a lot of strategy and skill that goes into the sport, as well.  I think both have a better appreciation for roller derby.

I am thankful for the time with my husband and my son, doing something that we can all enjoy.

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