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Teeth.  I’ve got ’em, and I take care of them.  I brush, I floss, I swish, I spit.  I quit chewing ice.

I go to the dentist regularly.  I had braces, once upon a time.  During the last couple of visits for cleanings, my dentist has warned that there was an area around the back two teeth on the upper left hand side that showed signs of the gums pulling back too much.  I was able to put off a trip to the periodontist for several visits.  At my last cleaning, though, the gig was up.  I needed a referral, and I needed to get it done.


I made the appointment, and the periodontist, a very nice man in a VERY fancy new office barely even looked at the x-rays and the spot in my mouth before he pronounced that I would need gum surgery.

Perhaps it was the look of dismay, or the fact that my face blanched…he immediately went into explanation mode.  This consisted of painting a picture of me, left untreated, which basically ended up with me as a toothless old crone, eating only applesauce and mashed potatoes for the rest of my life.  (Compared to the thought of surgery, that didn’t sound so bad…I AM the Mashed Potato Kid, after all!)

A date was set for the 16th, at the end of the work day.  This was perhaps a mistake, as it gave me all kinds of time to stew over the procedure.  By the time Isabel (my chauffeur) and I got to the office, I was in full stress migraine mode.

I will save you the gory details, but I will say that the procedure actually went remarkably well.  He was careful to use a topical gel to numb the area before putting shots into my cheek and the roof of my mouth.  Other than the unpleasantness of four hands, sucker tubes, water sprayers and the actual picks all in my mouth at the same time, it really wasn’t too terribly bad.  I left armed with prescriptions for antibiotics, special prescription mouth wash and pain medication.  Nighty night!

I am grateful that we have good insurance, and that the periodontist did such a good job.  It could have been much worse than it was.  The stitches come out next week, and my smile will be as good as new!

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